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A propos de ON5CFT

ON4LDL Chairman du CFT

The Goal of the Francophone Telegraphist Club
For Beginner-Intermediate and more
1. Want to communicate with other radio amateurs around the world using a small qrp transmitter and an antenna?
2. Do you want to keep in touch while on vacation in a certain remote area where you do not have access to a repeater or telephone service?
3. Want to meet a whole new community of amateurs who share a common bond?
4. Do you want to develop your operating capabilities with little or no cost?
If you answer « yes » to any of these questions, then you are welcome to the CFT

The CWT Counselor (s) are ready and willing to teach you a new skill that will open up a new world which will allow you to establish long-distance contacts with little means and with little cost
For those with CW experience who want to improve or regain competence and speed
1. I was bored with voice and digital modes
2. My CW skills are not what they were
3. I’m too rusty or embarrassed to go back to the CW
4. I want to be able to copy in my head the CW code
5 I know the code but I am rusty lack of practice


So the CFT is made for you
For those who want something new, but are not convinced to take the plunge
1. I love running the DX and the rare stations and I want to try something new and why not
2. I like contests and wish to be more operational in CW
3. I tried CW learning aids but nothing seems to work for me
4. CW intrigues me but I’m worried about the challenge and I’m scared to get started

There is no cost to the life of CFT
membership is free which is not negligible
Registration is open to anyone with a desire to learn
or improve their proficiency in Morse code.
The CFT is accessible to anyone, from anywhere.
Register now to speak with one of our advisors and to learn what the CFT can do for you to help you, do not hesitate to contact us by mail

REGISTER as a beginner or more via the registration form
Please provide all requested information, especially the speed of your estimated code.
If you have not yet learned the Morse, just indicate it in the form
We use the data to organize various activities according to different speeds
Level 1 (beginners and operators whose speed code is 10 words per minute or less)
Level 2 (intermediate, operators who know Morse and can work comfortably at speeds between 10 and 20 words per minute) but have gaps
Level 3 (advanced, operators that can operate at speeds between 20 words per minute and more).
Level 1 activities are to learn Morse letters and numbers at a letter speed of 10 words per minute and to know the conversation QSO protocols; and introduce the best practices in QSO
Level 2 activities are to increase one’s speed above 15 words per minute through the practice of copying the head and sending. to sharpen one’s skills
The level 3 activities are to increase his speed above 20 words per minute through intensive practice

Elecraft K3 Line

and to get to copy and receive with Head
Level 1 – 2 – 3 activities are set up so that each CFT member can participate following are level
Activities also exist in qrp and bar / p
Fill out the form that is on our website and give us the maximum information.
73 of ON5CFT -BOB

In 2017 I had to change the name of the Francophone Club of the Telegraphist by Francophone Group of Telegraphists, the reason is simple I no longer have a committee to run this Club.
Since the law in Belgium has changed, I had to change the name Club Groupement since I no longer have a committee now.

I make it turn alone, management, website, and activities this Group CW in Belgium if you want to help me for the management of this Group of Telegraphists, you are welcome.
Just send me an email

C-F-T Member Operating Frequencies
3.520 – 7.020 – 14.020 – 21.020…..ETC…..

Currently we have 256 members infos via my website